Welcome to the Digital Sheet Music Project in the University of South Carolina Music Library. This searchable database provides access to the bibliographic records and, for those pieces in the public domain, access to images of the cover and each page of music. Currently, the collection contains over 10,000 pieces of classical, popular, and sacred music from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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1. Put your little arms around me -  Arnheim, Gus, 1899(?)-1955; Tobias, Harry, 1895-; Lemare, Jules
2. Midnight fire alarm : descriptive march-galop -  Lincoln, Harry J., 1878-1937
3. Your lips are no man's land but mine -  McCarron, Chas. R. (Charles R.), 1891-1919 ; Morgan, Carey, 1885-1960
4. Sweet Tillie Taylor (Tillie's Billie's girl) -  Williams, W. R. (pseud. of Rossiter, Will), 1867-1954
5. Farewell to Cucullain: (Londonderry air) = Danny boy -